TRAVIS:  I think I have a fever.
    GORDO:  So who told you to stand under a freezing
    cold shower at three o'clock in the morning?  Didn't
    he notice your lips were turning blue?
    TRAVIS:  You just don't understand.
    GORDO:  Don't I?  Travis, if you'd taken Trig with me
    like I asked you to, you'd know by now that it doesn't
    matter if you like boys instead of girls because the
    formulas are all the same.
    TRAVIS:  I never said I like boys!
    GORDO:  Ever beat off to Penthouse?
    TRAVIS:  No.
    GORDO:  Ever collect baseball cards?
    TRAVIS:  No.
    GORDO:  How old is Barbra Streisand?
    TRAVIS:  36.  Three weeks ago.
    GORDO:  What do you needa fucking blueprint?